Public Talk, IoP South Central, University of Surrey.  Dec. 2015. The Dark Side of the Universe

Seminar at Queen Mary, Nov 2013.  Can you Detect Dark Energy in the Laboratory?

20 min talk from the IoP HEPP meeting on Low-Energy Frontier of the High Energy Particle Physics, September 2013. Disformal Light Shining Through Walls

Seminar in Nottingham for the Cold Atoms group, May 2013. Searching for dark energy in the laboratory

Plenary talk at the Irish Quantum Foundations Meeting, May 2013. Dark Energy Screening Mechanisms

Seminar in Liverpool, March 2013. The Catastrophic Consequences of Kicking the Chameleon

20 min talk from the Cosmological Tests of Gravity workshop, Oxford, March 2013. Problems in the Current Theory Space

Seminar in Helsinki, March 2013. Problems for massive gravity: Why is interacting with matter so hard?

Seminar in Birmingham, February 2013. Laboratory tests of dark energy

20 min talk from the Axiverse workshop, Oxford, January 2013. Axion-like particles from dark energy models with screening mechanisms

Talks from other speakers

Research Councils UK, Investing in Excellence with Impact.  Talk by Alexandra Saxon, Head of RCUK Strategy Unit.


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