Cold Atoms talk

This afternoon I gave a talk to the Cold Atoms group here in Nottingham about the potential for detecting dark energy with laboratory experiments – with a focus on what we hope it might be possible to do with Bose-Einstein condensates.  The talk is here, it’s fairly similar to one I gave in Birmingham earlier in the year but with more hints about what we hope might come out of our current work!


Irish Quantum Foundations

I’ve uploaded the talk I gave on screening mechanisms at the Irish Quantum Foundations meeting last week.  The interests of the people at the meeting spanned a very broad spectrum from condensed matter, through lattice QCD and cosmology to string theory and mathematical aspects of topology. I certainly didn’t understand everything, but it was interesting to see ideas that I’m used to using in one context show up in so many different arenas.  Also it’s always really interesting to hear about what’s going on in other fields!

This is a picture of the beautiful building I stayed in on the NUIM campus (it used to be a catholic seminary).


New website!

I want this website/blog to be a place to talk about my research.  Also to make my talks  and any other resources I have more widely available.

To start things off here’s a picture I took on a recent visit to Helsinki:Image